Thank you so much for today, I am a total convert.
— R.M.
Dr LaBarge is patient, thorough and took her time to make sure I got amazing results. I was suffering from anxiousness and stress and couldn’t get a good night’s sleep. Acupuncture treatment not only settled my anxiety, it has allowed me to finally break the cycle of insomnia. I highly recommend her services!!
— V.M.
Thanks for working your magic yesterday. I felt a little drained for a couple of hours afterwards but then I felt energized and not anxious, which is a massive breakthrough.
— B.W.

After our first session, I was able to smell my aftershave for the first time in five years.
— S.S.

Thanks for the session yesterday. I woke up pain free this morning for the first time in ages, so thank you!! 🙏
— J.H.

I suffered from a pretty nasty hamstring sprain/strain that was affecting my ability to workout. Someone had recommended Dr. LaBarge and the combination of her treatment of acupuncture with chiropractic care did the trick. I’m back to my full workout with no restrictions. She seriously saved me!
— M.M.